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You currently understand that examining casino poker is necessary if you absolutely desire to expand as a gamer and also complete at a greater degree. Among one of the most beneficial sources when it involves examining isn’t a brand-new video clip program or a traditional book – it is in fact your very own casino poker hands. Assessing the hands that you’ve played and also dissecting your very own lines is among one of the most vital tasks you could do in between sessions to self-improve.

And also this isn’t really regarding passive-study where you assess a hand you obtained drawn out on and also grumble regarding exactly just how negative you run. This has to do with energetic casino poker research sessions where you assess your specific hand AND tangential lines to obtain a well-rounded expedition of places that effect your total winrate.

In order to help you have more from your very own hands, I’ll stroll you with my procedure that you’re totally complimentary to utilize and also change for a heart’s content (and also if you change this procedure in a great method, please allow me understand !)

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Creating Down Casino Poker Hands.

To in fact research hands far from the table you’re mosting likely to should create them down. If you currently do this, excellent work! Otherwise, right below are some very easy methods to do it:

1. Utilize monitoring software program such as PT4 if the website you plays on enables it AND conserves hands to you computer system
2. If monitoring software program isn’t an alternative, use the tips for online players…

1. Utilize an application such as ShareMyPair
2. Or utilize my Online Casino poker Player’s Journal to write hands. It is offered straight from
3. Or create them down in an arranged method electronically in a Msn doc, memo, and so on.

Nevertheless you determine to create your hands down, simply make certain it help you which you have the ability to do so promptly and also effectively. I will certainly claim this – as a train I’ve seen a LOT of gamers document hands however entirely botch what to document. They create careless keeps in mind that miss out on vital information that are vital for examining the hand deeply. This might appear such as a whole lot, however it is fairly straightforward. For circumstances, here’s a real keep in mind from among my online hands:

It has actually every one of the information I should return and also assess the hand later on consisting of table picture & checks out, real opening cards, pile dimensions, and so on. As soon as you have actually strong hands documented, it makes examining them a million times easier…

Assessing Your Casino Poker Hand (Initially Pass).

I recommend examining a hand a pair of times, however the initially pass need to simply be a face-value assess. Utilize this time around to document specific pot dimensions for each and every road, compute SPR, and also assess the hand as it was played. By doing this initially pass it is not unusual to see at once that your particular wager sizing was as well little, that you missed out on a vital item of details when picking your line, or that some component of your play simply appears “off”.

On the initially pass make certain to appearance at the mathematics. If you should utilize a fold up equity calculator, a casino poker EV calculator, Equilab, or also Flopzilla – invest the moment to run the mathematics. That’s what off-table time is for…to utilize these devices sufficient that one could internalize them and also create a much more functional real-time instinct for the following time you locate on your own in such a place. After you run the mathematics, invest a minute and also actually assess your line. In the hand I common over, I had actually 2 significant inflection factors:

1. Need to I simply 4bet and also obtain everything in preflop?

2. As-played preflop, need to I phone telephone call the flop shove?

Those are the concerns I would certainly initially appearance to solution when examining this hand and also mathematics is called for for both. However hand reviewing is likewise called for given that I could not determine the EV of calls the flop shove without initially structure some appropriate varies for both of them. So utilize this time around to exercise appointing some varies and also write those varies down so you could reassess them later on (or share them if you prefer to blog post the hand in a online discussion forum).

Anytime you cannot give a remove and also sensible description for a line or dimension, you understand it is a place where you require function. Ask on your own why you made each play, each activity, and also selected each dimension. If you frequently solution with weak one-sentence responses or cannot also generate a reasoning – you understand you have actually a location in your video game where you require function (proceed reviewing for assistance on that particular!).

If your hand does not have actually such remove inflection factors (or if you typically aren’t able to place them yet), pause each time you act in your hand background. After that ask on your own the adhering to:

– Do I still assume the activity I absorbed this hand is finest? If so, why? Otherwise, what line could be much far better?

– If I made a wager or increase in this place, would certainly a various dimension be much far better? Would certainly a bigger dimension create much a lot extra worth, or include added stress as a bluff?

– If I made a easy activity in this place, would certainly a hostile activity be much a lot extra successful? (This is particularly valuable if you typically aren’t made use of to seeking check-raises, preflop 3bets, transforming sets right into bluffs postflop, and so on.)

– That had actually vary benefit on each road? Is this the type of place where my challenger would certainly respect that?

– If I shed this hand, exists actually anything I might have actually done to stay clear of it? Or is it simply a colder?

– If I won this hand, did I actually play it completely or would certainly either total line adjustments or enhancements in information such as wager sizing have actually made it much a lot extra successful?

These concerns will certainly obtain you down the appropriate track. Make certain to document your responses so that one could assess them later on (perhaps in a couple of months) and also objectively gauge your enhancements with time.

Locating Your Very Own Responses.

However however but…what if you do not understand the solution? What happens if you typically aren’t able to determine your leakage (if any type of) in this hand? What happens if you locate a leakage and also have actually absolutely no concept how you can deal with dealing with it? I’m so delighted you asked!

There are 3 significant points you need to do as soon as you determine a concern in your approach. At completion of the day, assessing hands is much a lot extra regarding locating critical leakages and also discovering various other methods compared to it has to do with addressing a solitary casino poker hand. So utilize whichever of these if you obtain stuck when assessing a hand:

1. USE A FORUM (free)
There are great deals of excellent casino poker online discussion forums, however I’m extremely biased and also whole-heartedly recommend the Red Chip Casino poker online discussion forum. As soon as in the online discussion forum, beginning a string and also blog post your hand. While publishing it, make certain it is understandable, that of the information are very easy to review, and also that your particular concerns are plainly highlighted. If you TRULY don’t understand where you slipped up, simply blog post the hand and also claim “hi there all, I played this hand and also common my ideas on each road. I have actually absolutely no concept where I failed. Any type of tips?”

Not all online discussion forums are as type as the Red Chip Casino poker online discussion forum, so make certain to have actually some thick skin and also do not take anything directly. Simply obtain energetic, ask concerns, and also share your hands when challenging places show up.

2. FIND ARTICLES, VIDEOS, ETC. (totally complimentary & paid)
If you had the ability to place a leakage or more in your video game with assessing your hand, it is time to locate some details regarding the leakage and also beginning patching it. To this finish I recommend 2 points:

A. Do a Msn (and also/or YouTube) look for “SplitSuit XYZ” where XYZ is your leakage or concern. I’ve made a lot content it is unusual that at the very least something does not come up… If you do not locate something on the initially appearance, transform the look a little. Perhaps attempt ‘AK’ as opposed to ‘Ace King’ or ‘double barrel’ as opposed to ‘turn CB’. Msn is excellent, however it is still structure out its casino poker terms expertise.

B. Do a basic look on Msn, YouTube, or in the Red Chip Casino poker online discussion forum. It is unusual that at the very least something hasn’t already been created or developed regarding whatever leakage or concern you have actually. If you look for an solution and also show up space, blog post it in the online discussion forum and also opportunities are you will obtain directed in the appropriate instructions.

3. ASK A COACH (paid)
If you look for the solution on your own and also simply cannot spot the leakage – it could be time to locate a casino poker train and also employ them to choice their mind. This is one of the most pricey alternative, however the larger the leakage the better this alternative ends up being.

The one item of suggestions I could obtain is to either have actually a great deal of hand instances regarding the exact very same leakage prepared for the train – or delay up till you have actually 3-5 leakages determined in the past you established your initially training session.

Progressed Hand Background Failure (2nd Pass).

The majority of gamers quit now. They’ve currently assessed the hand as-played, they’ve determined their very own casino poker leakages in the hand, and also they’ve gone out and also discovered response to assistance them stay clear of duplicating that error once once more in the future. However the actual pupils are simply obtaining started…

I deal with each hand assess as the entry right into an enchanting globe of expedition and also obstacle. My objective is to utilize the skeletal system of the hand however transform the variables to enable myself to research not just the place as it occurred – however likewise the place as it might have actually occurred.

This compels me to take a well-rounded strategy to my research time and also in fact start comprehending places from a wholistic viewpoint. It is testing however is where you need to aim to place your off-table time.

You could possibly be questioning WTF I am taking place regarding currently. Well, in brief, I take the initial hand and also after that start altering a solitary variable each time and also assessing the hand with that lens up till I am pleased. A few of the usual variables I appearance to transform are:

– Efficient pile dimensions: Exactly just how would certainly my line transform if the beginning heaps were increased? What regarding halved? What regarding tripled?

– Gamer kind: What happens if bad guy were a TAG as opposed to a fish? What happens if bad guy were a qualified LAG as opposed to an ultra-nit? Exactly just how does that transform their vary and also therefore my line?

– Opening cards: What happens if my hand were another thing completely? When I do this I normally grab to 5 various other opening card combinations that would certainly fairly healthy in my PF vary and also after that check out the give out.

– Multi-way: What happens if this HU pot in fact was 3 method? What happens if this 5 method pot was in fact HU?

– Board cards: What happens if the board structure was various? Which cards/structures massively effect the line vs which would certainly transform points hardly any?

– Solitary postflop activities: What happens if bad guy check-raised the transform as opposed to simply calls? What happens if bad guy wager right into you on the river as opposed to examining behind?

– Solitary postflop sizing: What happens if you OR bad guy made use of a various dimension on a postflop road? At what factor does the wager dimension begin to actually effect each of your varies?

This basically enables you to take a solitary hand and also transform it right into hundreds; each expedition/representative enabling you to obtain one action more detailed to locating actual critical leakages in your video game that one could deal with.

Certainly, this likewise compels you to do a significant quantity of hand reviewing function and also take into consideration various other lines which advantages you massively at completion of the day. And also if done appropriately, it is very easy to not just locate your very own leakages – however to locate the leakages and also ventures in huge portions of your gamer swimming pool.

From Casino Poker Hands To Research Regular.

Fact be informed, it has actually taken me numerous days to research solitary hands. Challenging hands could take me hrs to total the initially pass in a manner that pleases me (although honestly I’m a nit when it involves this lol). Once I beginning peeling off back the onion, altering variables, and also actively testing myself with the hardest of variable adjustments – it is very easy to see this procedure take days of assumed.

The bright side is that this type of expedition compels you from your convenience area and also obtains you placing in the appropriate type of function. Also if you cannot generate the optimum responses as soon as possible, functioning to them is a vital skillset that will certainly profit you in and also from casino poker.

If you do not obtain sufficient opportunities to play casino poker, or if you neglected to document sufficient casino poker hands from your previous sessions, there are lots of sources you could utilize to locate hands to beginning examining.

– Utilize the online discussion forum. There are hands from online play and also on the internet video games too. Simply locate one you such as, and also keep in mind to share your evaluation with the online discussion forum and also request comments on it if you typically aren’t 100% certain.

– Utilize any one of my Ask SplitSuit video clips. In these casino poker video clips I damage down player’s hands so this provides you an opportunity to contrast your response to mine in the initially pass. After the initially pass, beginning altering some variables and also reach function.

– Utilize casino poker information websites. This pointer is particularly valuable if you play events. Appearance at casino poker information websites that supply online coverage. Online records have the tendency to supply hand replays that one could utilize as an initial pass. Websites such as PokerNews need to work, in addition to the hand matchups provided on

– Utilize casino poker workbooks. My workbooks supply tons of workouts that one could utilize to do initially pass hardcore technological expedition. These are particularly valuable if you really feel as well a lot prejudice when discovering your very own hands or if you just require a design in order to help removal you with hands in an expert method.Keep in mind, a solitary hand background is simply a basis of expedition. Also a hand that’s monotonous or apparently pointless at first-glance could be made fascinating with a couple of variable modifies.


Currently it is time for you to obtain to function. This might appear such as a lots of function, and also to be straightforward, it’s. However bear in mind that you do not come to be a first-rate gamer over night. It takes lots of research, expedition, testing your very own presumptions, and also utilizing every hand as a possibility to enhance.

I was honored very early in my job to have actually significant casino poker gamers and also thinkers about me 24/7 to jump concepts off of and also to dissect hands with. And also it is those exact very same hand failures that assisted me produce an approach and also total with exploitative methods.

I have actually no question that if you research your hands properly, and also maintain testing on your own, that one could create a +EV approach for your very own video game. Simply maintain functioning, and also of course…good good luck & satisfied grinding!

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